Monday, March 24, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

March 16 - Nothing like a yard of Daffodils to Bring happiness to your day!!

March 17 - No Cavities for Lucas. 

March 18 - Team Call for esbe Designs- really excited!!!

March 19 - Hope you aren't sick of my Daffodils - this one is a Double! 

March 20 - Venturing back out into the world - amazing BBQ at Saw's in Homewood with 2 Besties!
 I've missed my friends!

March 21 - Advantage to Max working at Joe's Italian's new Restaurant! I will never get tired of their Pizza!!

March 22 - mini field trip with Lucas to Ebenezer Wetlands. We were amazed at the swamp gas bubbling up! 

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