Monday, September 29, 2014

#mynewlife Monday 32 hours in Chicago

This is a special #mynewlife Monday!!! One of the best things about My New Life is the opportunity to travel and learn about luxury Jewelry and Watch Brands. Last week I was fortunate enough to spend 32 hours in Chicago where I met some wonderful people, explored the Gold Coast of Chicago, ate some amazing food, and was immersed in the world of Frederique-Constant Watches!!! 

I left very early and had to take the obligatory wing shot from the plane!!! 

I must say, I love being able to use my iPhone for my boarding passes! No more paper to keep up with!

After arriving in Chicago, I was driven to the Hotel Indigo, nestled in the heart of Chicago's Gold Coast.  I forgot how much I love Chicago- it's been years since I visited. 
This was across the street from my hotel. 

The Hotel Indigo is a boutique Hotel in what was the Claridge Hotel built in 1926.  My cozy room on the top floor was nice and bright and I had wonderful views!  

I had several hours before dinner so I walked to a cute little restaurant called Eduardo's Enoteca.  I know in Chicago you should have deep dish pizza but I knew we would be wined and dined at dinner so I chose a Margherita pizza. It was amazing. I loved the Cracker crust and the amazing home-made pizza sauce. 

I then walked a few blocks to Lake Michigan. My walk took me by more beautiful brownstones!

  I love that even in the city, cute little gardens are tucked in everywhere.  

I love being near the water so I spent some time here taking it all in! 

That evening, our group walked to an Incredible restaurant, Salpicon for dinner and training. There were 5 Appetizers on the menu and we were served all of them. I was sitting with people I didn't know well so I refrained from taking pics of every single app! Needless to say they were amazing. 

I chose the Filet topped with Chihuahua Cheese and a spicy tomatillo-morita sauce with shiitake mushrooms. It was amazing!   This is not your typical Mexican restaurant. 

Yes there was more food - I chose the flan de caramelo. I needed something a little light after all the food! 

We were also able to look at several Frederique-Constant
 watches and hear from the company's US reps as well as the Director of Global Development.

The next day was all about the company! We walked to Old Town and started our day at the Old Town Pour House which was open just for us. We had breakfast and then got right into training.
More on that later!

For lunch we were once again treated to all the apps. I knew people better by now so I was "that person" taking pics of the food!!!! Loved the fried pickles and fried cheese curds. We also had a yummy popcorn basket and pretzel balls!!! 

Then lunch, which I was too full to eat much of, then more training and dessert. How about Bread Pudding for this southern girl. 

We had a car pick us up and take us to the airport where I waited around for a few hours! I needed a little something before my flight so I had to try the famous Chicago hotdog! Loved it!!

I made it home safe and sound and exhausted but so excited about my adventure. I can't wait for the next trip!!! 

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Monday, September 22, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Sept. 14 - Shrimp, rice and veggies! My favorite meal!

Sept. 15 - The watches are arriving! Hello Shinola!

Sept. 16 - Training for Tissot!

Sept. 17 - The Beautiful Frederique-Constant Manufacture Moonphase!

Sept. 18 - Dreamcakes at work!! Maple Bacon cupcake!! Insane!

Sept. 19 - This is how you eat sour worms after they melt in the car!

 Sept. 20 - All packed and ready to go to Chicago. Training for Frederique-Constant watches!! Can't wait!! 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Find

Best thing about work is the snacks we share!! A co-worker brought in this "healthy" copycat Dunkaroos dip.  It's so easy and tastes amazing!!!!! Try it!!
1 (15.25 ounce) box funfetti cake mix
2 cups fat free, plain Greek yogurt
1 cup lite Cool Whip
Sprinkles, for garnish
Mix together and serve with graham crackers or vanilla wafers!!
Keep leftovers refrigerated. 

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

#jotd Jewelry of the Day

What looks awesome with black and a leopard scarf?? Black and cognac Diamonds!!! 

Monday, September 15, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Sept.  7 - Love me some Sephora time!!!

Sept.  8 - Tudor watches training at Dodiyo's!! Yum and Fun!

Sept.  9 - Went to get takeout and a lady tried a sample of beer in this cute little mug! If you are in Alabaster, you HAVE to eat at Champy's!

Sept. 10 - Enjoying the sky lately!!

Sept. 11 - Haven't been to Whole Foods in awhile! I need to change that!! Love the Antipasta bar! 

Sept. 12 - Met our Ippolita Rep and drooled over the new pieces!!

Sept. 13 - Playing with Emeralds at work! Which is your favorite??

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday's Find

I'm always searching for yummy snacks and thanks to a co-worker, I have a new favorite. I love anything with Buffalo sauce and these pretzels are the closest I have found in duplicating that flavor in a snack. Oh my Goodness - these are incredible. You will not want to share!
 Buy more than one bag!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

#jotd Jewelry of the Day

David Yurman has created a mysterious, beautiful doublet called Black Orchid and it is a Showstopper!!!!! The top stone is a Lavender Amethyst and it is set on top of Hematine, a synthetic hematite which is a metallic stone very popular in jewelry today. 


Monday, September 8, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Aug. 31 - Celebrating my baby's Birthday!! 

Sept. 1 - Happy 16th Birthday to my baby!! He and I laughed so much as I tried to race in his new X-Box game. Good times!!! I love my car!! It wasn't as pretty at the end of the race!!!!

Sept. 2 - I've always wanted to try one of the facial cleansers that comes with a muslin cloth - I'll let you know what I think! This one came in a Birchbox.

Sept. 3 - Love stormy Afternoons!!

Sept. 4 - Went to visit a friend at work in a model home!!! Love this open kitchen!!! Ready for a new house!!!

Sept. 5 - Banana Bread - glad to find time for baking! 

Sept. 6 - Doing a lunch run at work!! Yum!!

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