Monday, September 8, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Aug. 31 - Celebrating my baby's Birthday!! 

Sept. 1 - Happy 16th Birthday to my baby!! He and I laughed so much as I tried to race in his new X-Box game. Good times!!! I love my car!! It wasn't as pretty at the end of the race!!!!

Sept. 2 - I've always wanted to try one of the facial cleansers that comes with a muslin cloth - I'll let you know what I think! This one came in a Birchbox.

Sept. 3 - Love stormy Afternoons!!

Sept. 4 - Went to visit a friend at work in a model home!!! Love this open kitchen!!! Ready for a new house!!!

Sept. 5 - Banana Bread - glad to find time for baking! 

Sept. 6 - Doing a lunch run at work!! Yum!!

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