Monday, February 3, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Jan. 26 - The Mall

Jan. 27 - Shrimp and Brocolli from Mel's Kitchen Cafe! Oh so Good!!

Jan. 28 - headed down my driveway to get Lucas from school. I decided to go get him before they released the kids. I had a funny feeling. Then all Hell broke loose! We were very lucky!

Jan. 29 - Snow Day. Don't let the Beauty fool you! So worried about so many friends!
This was a snow day no one enjoyed!

Jan. 30 - oh my gosh - I'm 50!!! The Best years of my life are ahead of me. 

Jan. 31 - more Birthday Fun! 2 Dear Friends invited me over for an Amazing Dinner!!! Thank You!!

Feb. 1 - Snow Tuesday - windows open today! 

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