Monday, February 10, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Feb. 2 - snowdrop popping up in the Yard! 76 degrees today!

Feb. 3 - so excited to step out of my world and attend a Blogger Meet Up in Huntsville. Met some wonderful women! Lunch was awesome too!! 

Feb. 4 - watching the Creationist vs Evolution debate with Lucas. So glad he's interested! 

Feb. 5 - chillin' out - decided to do a still life of my dresser because it's so weird! But that's my life right now! Light candles and embrace it! My new philosophy!!

Feb. 6 - Birthday Dinner with my Best Friends at Birmingham's finest - Gianmarco's! A huge Thank you to my friends for Celebrating with me!!!!

Feb. 7 - lunch with a Bestie!! Life is good and so is Pizza!!! 

Feb. 8 - still enjoying Birthday Cake - sooooooo good!


  1. What?! A Blogger Meet up in Huntsville? How did I not hear about this? :)

    1. Constance - contact - she will let you know about the next one!!!


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