Sunday, June 1, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

May 25 - Pool time with Lucas! 

May 26 - Kids request for Memorial Day Dinner!! 

May 27 - Night 

May 28 - Storms! Love them!!!

May 29 - Best thing about summer in the Sourh - smelling the Magnolia Blooms around the neighborhood!! LOVE!! 

May 30 - Brunch with a Dear Friend! 

May 31 - Meeting new people and hanging with Friends - An Incredible BBQ at the home of BBQ Master Pat! Wish you could have experienced this! 


  1. I love Magnolias - the scent from the flowers is so light and fresh.
    I wish I could have tried that BBQ, too - it looks delicious.


  2. Some of the best BBQ I've ever had! Wish I could grill like that!!


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