Monday, June 9, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

June 1st - woke up to a tree on the fence. Woo hoo!!

June 2 - Great time in Huntsville with a bunch of talented Bloggers!!  Always awesome Food when you hang out with Food Bloggers! Learning so much! Thanks to AKA Jane Random for hosting! 

June 3 - Love the Wildflowers popping up in my yard!!

June 4 - A special Celebration Calls for Cake at Olexa's!! Best cake EVER!!

June 5 - we Love our trains in Alabaster! Ha Ha!!

June 6th - a Gift of homemade Bread equals Great Grilled Cheese!!

June 7th - Trying a new place - Tip Top Grill in Bluff Park! Best thing is the view!!

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