Monday, July 14, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

July 6 - Binge Watching Covert Affairs.

July 7 - Another Huntsville Blogger Meeting  - this time at Another Broken Egg - yummy!

July 8 - Two friends wanted to try a local Alabaster restaurant and oh my was it awesome! We met at
Chubb's and I tried something different - the Steak and Egg Sandwich!!! It is amazing. They use the
famous New Orleans Po-Boy Bread from Gambino's. 

July 9 - I went through my closet and created outfits and photographed them so I could go back through the photos when I "don't have anything to wear!!!!" 

July 10 - Isn't this the cutest soy sauce bottle?? I discovered Alabaster's Best Chinese Restaurant - 
Panda House!! It was really really good!

July 11 - My Bestie sent me Chocolate Covered Strawberries!!!! Isn't that Nice????? And they were Amazing!!

July 12 - saw this amazing Cloud - picture doesn't do it justice!

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