Monday, July 21, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

July 13 - Dinner for the week!!! I found a catering company that prepares frozen meals! Really good and so easy!! KK Parker Cooks

July 14 - I'm not kidding when I say #mynewlife. First day of work - my first Full-time job in 24 years. Come see me at Bromberg's at the Summit! 

July 15 - I never knew I needed a pocket knife until I attended a training on the William Henry company. This knife is inlaid with fossil Mammoth Tusk! 

July 16 - July's weather is strange in a good way! Having breakfast outside so I can enjoy this incredible weather. 

July 17 - Still enjoying the cool weather - dinner with the BFF under the tree at Pablo's! I borrowed her picture because mine was not as good! 

July 18 - Back to school!!!! Lots of studying is ahead - very excited!!!!

July 19 - Getting ready for Fall and learning about David Yurman's new Collections. Stay tuned!! 


  1. why are you buying food when you have a freezer full of meals ready to cook?! Buy that crockpot and save $$$$$. :-)

    1. Got to get organized - making more freezer meals ASAP!!!


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