Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday's Find

It all started with a Food it's also a thriving restaurant in Avondale - Melt Avondale needs to be on your List.  It's all about the Grilled Cheese!! I went last week with 2 friends and we oohed and aaaahed over our Food!!

We started with their famous Matilda's - you HAVE to get these - cheesy and crunchy and perfect.
Mozzarella, cheddar and red pepper flakes flash fried in wonton wrappers then served with Marinara sauce!!!

I have a thing for Bloody Mary's so I tried the B'ham Bloody Mary - it's garnished with a piece of bacon and 2 pieces of Habanero Jack Cheese! It's not like any Bloody Mary I've had! Loved it with my lunch!

Next comes the Grilled Cheeses!!! I went with the Flaming Lips - don't let the name fool you. It was delicious and not too spicy. They grill American and Cheddar Cheese with bacon and grilled Jalapeños!! Oh my!!!!! It is served with their Homemade Ranch! Next time I go, I want to buy some of this Ranch - it's that good!

One friend had the Mac Melt - Grilled Cheese with homemade Macaroni and Cheese in the sandwich!! Who could resist!!! She ate it all.

Then finally my other friend went with the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. Chicken Fingers in their 
homemade Buffalo sauce with Monterey Jack Cheese! Not too spicy either. It was also a hit!!

They also have their own Rosemary Ketchup for your fries as well as a wonderful Spicy Honey Mustard sauce that I also dipped my fries in - it was kind of addicting!

Are you hungry yet!!!!

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