Sunday, August 17, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Aug. 10- Oh My!!!!! Ants in my car!!!!!! Not good!!!!

Aug. 11 - Feeding the Kitties while their mom and dad were in Vegas!  Jack was hanging out by the back door - he wanted to go out so bad. 
Follow along on Plain Chicken's Instagram this week to see how the cats and Chicken Legs are doing while Plain Chicken is in Sweden! #chickenlegshomealone

Aug. 12 - And so it begins!! Helping Second son with Pre-AP Geometry! My head hurts!!! 

Aug. 13 - It's getting real at work - remodeling is in full swing!!! So excited to see our "new" store!!!

Aug. 14 - Enjoying this unusual August weather. So glad I can work at such a Beautiful place!!

Aug. 15 - #mynewcareer - I have my very own Jeweler's Loupe! 

Aug. 16 - It's all about the Links. Learning how to remove links from watch bracelets! 

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