Monday, December 16, 2013

#mynewlife Monday

Dec. 8 - Tree is up - Beautiful!!

Dec. 9 - ripe Bananas = Banana Bread! Pulled out my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer. I've been trying to use it More!!

Dec. 10 - Beyond Excited!!!! I got an amazing Deal - an early Birthday Present to myself! A Closet Revamp with Tracy James of  Chic Made Simple!

Dec. 11 - Fabulous Christmas Lunch with Dear Friends! I got Presents!!
Glass Painted by Kudos Kitchen by Renee and Peppered Glazed Pecans recipe Here! 

Dec. 12 - More Presents! Yummo! The Bread also came with Homemade Honey Butter!

Dec. 13 - buying Baby Bites for Oldest son's Birthday!!  These are amazing and if you are Birmingham, find them at Pastry Art Cakes!

Dec. 14 - Happy Birthday Dinner #1 for Max!! 

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