Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday's Wisdom

Wow! Today has me thinking about Christmas Memories. Every time you open up your boxes of ornaments, the Memories Flood Back! Everything that happens each year plays through your mind.  When I was just a week away from Having my oldest son, I decorated an entire tree by myself! They call that nesting! I hate those wire ornament hangars so I decided to tie on the clear and Red Ornaments with Lace. I was really into lace back then - can you tell!? I still have some of those ornaments 22 years later. Happy Happy Memory!
This year is ending and Christmas will never be the same but just as in years passed, when Memories were made, I am certain our new Memories will be just as Special. #mynewlife

The tree in 1991-La Crosse, WI

And here is the Sweet Little Christmas Gift from that Special Year! 

Here is one of the Surviving Ornaments from 1991. I just love putting them up year after year! 

That same year, my Uncle John started a Lenox Ornament Collection for us. He sent us Beautiful Ornaments For many years. It's a Joy to open these up each Christmas. It's about the Love of Family.


And of course the Pure Joy of Reliving each Child's Handmade Ornaments. Lucas made this one!

Max chose this ornament for himself this year...

And this one for his Brother! We started a New Tradition this year!! 

And Here is A New Memory - the Tree - Christmas 2013 - Alabaster, AL 

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