Monday, December 23, 2013

#mynewlife Monday

Dec. 15 - remembering Christmas Past...

Dec. 16 - Glad I went to Target after the Security Breach - but Santa threw up in here anyway!!

Dec. 17 - so excited to pick up my Veggie and Fruit Co-op Box! All this for $15!!!

Dec. 18 - I Love these women!! #mynewtribe! Shea hosted a Feliz Navidad Dinner and we ate a lot and laughed a lot! Laughing is good! So was the awesome food! Really need to get the recipe for Shea's Pico de Gallo. Check out Shea's Beautiful Blog Dixie Chik Cooks! 

Dec. 19 - Max's Birthday Dinner #2 - this time we were all together!

Dec. 20 - last day of Classes for Lucas - love seeing Santa Cop Directing Traffic!!

Dec. 21 - had to make Guacomole with 3 avocados from my Veggie Box! So very Good - here is my Pinterest Pin for the Recipe! 


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