Friday, November 1, 2013

Fashion Friday - Country Road

Cozy up to the casual with back-to-basic organic pieces that will make you feel at home whether you are wearing denim or chifon.

Imagine traveling down a winding dirt road...that classic, small-town Americana charm is the sun-dappled soul of this easily embraceable trend. Wrap yourself in the warmth of winter textures like fur and wool combined with leather and lace. Jewelry collections in rose gold tones contrasted by black mother of pearl capture the essence of this easy-to-wear look. Dark brown earth-friendly faux leather and gray agates in rich bronze help you feel right at home. For an authentic take on this theme, pair peacock blue with cinnabar or eggplant for a rich, saturated look. Wear with olive, turbulence gray, or carafe brown for a casual, equestrian style.

Sable Earrings

Sedona Necklace

Ask me about VIP pricing. When you purchase the Sedona Necklace, you may choose ANY other piece for 50% Off!

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