Monday, November 4, 2013

#mynewlife Monday

Your words set the direction of your future. SPEAK LIFE, abundance and breakthroughs, instead of lack and struggle. #BeMore  Kim Garst

I'm starting a Daily Photo Diary called #mynewlife. Every Monday I'll post the past week in review! Sometimes our lives are changed overnight by actions out of our control. I choose to embrace the Change and look for the Positive Every Day! Enjoy!!!

Oct. 27 - Roasting Hotdogs and Making S'mores with my 2 sons in our backyard! Priceless!

Oct. 28 - My Friend and Professioanl Blogger, Stephanie, invited several of us over to her home for a potluck dinner and a class on making our own Light Boxes. Then she gave us lessons on using the Light box to photograph Food and Jewelry for our Blogs.
Would love for you to Follow Stephanie's blog - Plain Chicken

Laura's Blog - Whatever is

Jill's Blog - Cooking What I Pin

Oct. 29 - History Project with the Second Son. He made Scottish Shortbread with the help of Plain Chicken via text messaging and video! I wish I could show you the video of my Kitchen Aid Mixer beating the crud out of the sugar and butter. Stephanie said "I think it's done!!!!!!"

Oct. 30 - Food seems to be a recurring theme!!! Tonight, I went to AllSouth Appliances Girl's Night Out with Stephanie and we met up with Sharon R. This was such a great experience. Wolf - Sub Zero's Chef demoed various products including an amazing steam oven. We had pizza as an appetizer and the main course was Roasted Filet Mignon, grilled Grouper, and some amazing grits made like Risotto! To finish off the delicious evening, we had Apple Dumplings! All I can say is WOW!!! Wish you could have been there!!

Oct. 31
Halloween - need I say more. Second Son ans his best friend ran around the neighborhood in the rain and had a blast. Son recycled his Napilean Dynamite wig from last year and morphed it into a funky Spider-Man. His friend was part zombie, part Batman. 

Nov. 1 - thanks again to Stephanie and her Hubby Tadd and her sweet cats, I didn't have to be alone Friday night. We had a quiet dinner and I am thankful for fabulous friends.

Nov. 2 - Fall means Holiday Shopping Festivals. I set up my Sara Blaine for Willow House at The Episcopal Church of the Holy SpiritWe were blessed with a Beautiful Day and I stocked up on some Fabulous Hand-Made soap from Skull Girl Soaps.  
Order some from her for stocking stuffers!!

I wonder what this week Holds!!!!!!

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