Monday, November 18, 2013

#mynewlife Monday

Nov. 10 - I love Fall in the South. I still have Roses Blooming, Ferns are green and my Thyme is taking over everything. Must plant more Herbs!!!
My favorite place for Plants - Petals from the Past

Nov. 11 - I've decided to start going to Costco again! Gotta love this place!! 

Nov. 12 - Went Christmas shopping at the Summit and took some pics for my Friday Finds!  I LOVE Anthropologie and I Popped in to West Elm too. I have a thing for Glass!!

Nov. 13 - Today was so cool. If you have been reading my blog, you must be aware that a friend of mine is a Professional Blogger - that would be Plain Chicken. One of the perks to being friends with a Food Blogger is being invited to Eat what she is blogging about! So on this night, several of us were treated to Piggy Potatoes with all the toppings in this enormous Crock Pot Hook- up set. Go Here so you can enter to win and find the recipes! 

Nov. 14 - I am not really sure how to describe this day. I went to a Mastermind Class organized by Genny Williams of  Get a Real Estate Life. The trainer was Bill Gladwell.  All I can say is, please go see this guy in Gatlinburg or wherever he may be performing or training. He is incredible!!! Part Entertainer, part Magician, part Sales Trainer. Today's group was mainly realtors but there were a few of us from other industries. I took tons of notes, this guy is amazing. 

Nov. 15 - this is funny - I really did take a picture of a grocery store! I committed to doing a photo each day for #mynewlife and today was wildly exciting!!!!!!! I went to the new Walmart Neighborhood grocery store in Helena, AL. It was actually very nice. New and clean! If you are in 
Helena, stop by! Woot woot! 

Nov. 16 - Bittersweet day. My last vendor event as a Willow House Rep. Not sure how I feel. I've been with Southern Living at Home/Willow House for 11 years. It has been a huge part of my life. Now I have to figure out what's next! 

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