Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Finds

Have you ever been into a Hobby Lobby for one thing and left with your whole house Redecorated?? Well I went in this week for a sketch pad for Lucas and ended  up wishing I could redo my whole house. I'm still drawn to Shabby Chic and it's still really popular based on all the things I found! I am not gifted in repurposing and painting and refinishing so I will  just have to shop for decor. I found so many cute things!!!!

This clock is actually a cabinet with a drawer at the bottom! Love!

Really cute picture frame with screening for Earrings!

And another piece for hanging jewelry!

Want this mirror - mirrors were 50% off!!

Love this mirror because it's so different! 

So many fun lamps. Bright colors in every area of the store!

My Favorite!! Hoping Shabby Chic is still in style by the time I can redecorate!

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