Monday, January 20, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Jan. 12 - Lunch and a movie!!!

Jan. 13 - very exciting Day!!! 3 Hours with a REAL Stylist!!! Half my closet is gone and now I know what to wear!!! So worth it!!! 

Jan. 14 - Charter Cable App - I can watch tv while I cook!! 

Jan. 15 - String art Class at Free People

Jan. 16 - Lucas and I exploring our corner of the world. Lucas took this pic. We will be going on more adventures looking for interesting places to photograph! 

Jan. 17 - dealing with major stress means a Deep Tissue Massage for relief!

Jan. 18 - a Friend's hubby couldn't go to Bill Cosby so I was the pinch hitter!! What a great evening!!

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