Monday, January 27, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Jan. 19 - The salad we all crave! Olive Garden. Dinner with my youngest!

Jan. 20 - Headshot Day!!!!!! Alisha Crossley was amazing. She puts you at ease and works really fast with Beautiful results!  Please call her for any photography you may need! Contact her at
 Alisha is also co-owner of Simply Wed, a one stop Bridal Boutique. They will assist you in all aspects of your Wedding. 

Jan. 21 - taking photos in my closet to help me remember what to wear with what!!! 

Jan. 22 - my Dad's Birthday!!!! We got him a Cake from Olexa's! Best cake ever!!!

Jan. 23 - A night with Plain Chicken! 

Jan. 24 - Birthday Dinner for dad at Bellini's!! Soooooo good! 

Jan. 25 - errands at night! 

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