Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#ootd Out of the Day

I had the best day yesterday! Tracy of Chic Made Simple, came over and basically tore apart my closet!! It was awesome! It feels so good to get rid of half my closet! I learned so much about what to wear and how to wear it as well as basic pieces I can add to my closet to create tons of outfits! She even goes through your shoes and gives you a list of the best type of  shoes to buy.  

Tracy also helped me pick out 2 looks for a Headshot I am doing. What I love about having a stylist is that she was able to put together things I would have never thought of. For look #1, she paired a pale lavender tank under the fuschia silk shirt. For pants, grey jeans! 
Tracy and I had so much fun playing with my Sara Blaine jewelry and she found necklaces that had the pale lavender tones in the beads!!!! I LOVE this combination.
I'll share Look #2 next week! 

Here is a necklace rule - have short necklaces touch skin - notice that the medallion necklace is above the tank! 
Want your own stylist, contact Tracy ASAP - I should have called her years ago! 


Here are the earrings she chose!

Jewelry is by Sara Blaine for Willow House and is no longer available. See Sara's retail collections Here! Stay tuned for a brand new collections from Sara This spring! 

I plan on wearing this outfit for one of my Birthday Dinners coming up! 

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