Tuesday, January 21, 2014

#ootd Outfit of the Day

I had my headshot done and last week's post was outfit #1. Here was the second outfit put together by Stylist Tracy James of Chic Made Simple. If I was wearing this out, I would have paired it with Army Green Ankle pants. I don't have those yet but for the headshot, pants don't matter. 

Once again Tracy chose a fabulous combination of Jewelry. Mix small and large chains! It adds so much interest!  

With short sleeves, add lots of bracelets and rings. I love the long delicate earrings! 


  1. great photo! I can only imagine how great the head shots are going to turn out!

    1. I made Lucas take this pic for today's post. I learned a lot from Alisha on posing - she was so good! Can't wait to see the finished Pics from my Photo Shoot!!!


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