Monday, January 6, 2014

#mynewlife Monday

Dec. 29 - Headed home! Amazing trip to my other home in Atlanta!

Dec. 30 - My New Life means changing my own tail lamps!!

Dec. 31 - A New Tradition - New Year's Eve Lunch with BFF Steph! 
2014 will be the year of new Traditions! Steph doesn't know it yet, but we will be doing lunch every Dec. 31! 
We went Mexican! Yummo!
We forgot a Selfie! 

Jan. 1st - Happy New Year! 
Time to yoga!! Found a great IPhone App! Namaste!

Jan. 2 - Smashed Potatoes! Insanely Good! The New Year means more cooking! 

Jan. 3 - Blog Planning Lunch - GUMBO!!

Jan. 4 - Homemade Bubbles. With Temps nearing 10 degrees next week, I plan to blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze- stay tuned - my kids think I'm crazy! 

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  1. I am game for that tradition! Your food from Cocina looks so good - I want Mexican now!


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